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Uccu Roma Informális Oktatási Alapítvány



The goal of the civil initiative is aimed at engaging Roma and non-Roma youth in conversation. We hope to expand the horizons of youth and dampen their stereotypical, discriminative way of thinking. The core of the program is a 90 minutes long class aimed at secondary schools, using informal educational methods revolving around information about the Roma society. These classes are held by young Roma volunteers.
We strive to provide students with as much information and personal experience about the Roma as possible to make them more open and accepting towards others.
The most important elements of the work of UCCU Foundation are personal contact and interaction. Before the „live” educational programmes, volunteers participate in a training where they get to know the methods of informal education and other necessary techniques and knowledge.
The Haver Foundation, the Open Society Institute and private individuals have joined our cause in a long term partnership.

“We laugh together! We educate together!” – campaign for the integrated upbringing and education

The Uccu Foundation – with the participation of three other organizations and the assistance of the Open Society Institute – has launched a campaign in order to propagate inclusive upbringing/education.

The starting point and the main tool of the nationwide campaign is the clip that can be viewed here and the related documentary.

Facebook page:

See what our supporter, the Open Society Foundation thinks about the campaign:
We Laugh Together, We Educate Together: A Hungarian Campaign on Inclusive Education

Contact information

Facebook: Uccu group

Download the flyer, click here

Projects of Uccu

What does the word ‘uccu’ mean?

According to the Hungarian Monolingual Dictionary ‘uccu’ is a modal word. It means: go!, let’s do it! or come on! We have chosen this word as the name of our foundation because we intend to change the current situation within the Hungarian society with great dynamism and energy: we would like to change prejudiced thinking. When many people set about doing something together then they cheerfully say: uccu! It is a friendly encouragement. We think the same: so let’s go! On this website you can find a lot of friendly and encouraging initiatives and reports related to the work of our foundation. Uccu, in other words: come on, let’s do it!


The Uccu project is the initiative of Haver Foundation

About us

Contact information

Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation

Phone: +36 20 976 5252


Károly krt. 25.
1075 Budapest, Hungary

Legal address:
Katona József utca 2/e
1137 Budapest, Hungary

Facebook: Uccu group

Bank account number

Name of the bank: OTP bank
SWIFT code of the bank: OTPV HU HB
IBAN bank account number: HU90 1179 4015 2000 0710 0000 0000


Documentary about Uccu

A Kontúr adása (Tilos Rádió, 12/03/2012)

On the page click on the text ‘Listen the broadcasting!’

A párbeszéd ereje segíthet? (Népszava, 17/02/2012)

Tilos Rádió – Broadcasting of Kolorlokál – 8 August 2012.

The broadcasting can be found in the Archives of in the following time line: 8/8/2010. 08:00-08.30.

The program was produced by Marietta Forgács and Attila Varga, volunteers of Uccu Foundation.



The black and white photos on the website were done by Gábor István Molnár, the colored photos were selected among the photos done for the Chachipe Youth 2010 Roma photo competition.


Uccu Foundation was registered in October 2010. Before that the project ran as the initiative of Haver Informal Jewish Educational Public Benefit Foundation. The team of Haver Foundation still actively participates in training the volunteers and developing the educational materials. Uccu permanently offers six different educational modulair activities to primary and secondary schools. Since the establishment of the foundation young Roma volunteers were involved in the work. Uccu reaches about 1500-2000 students/year with it’s different activities.

Annual report

Annual Report of 2012
Public Benefit Report of 2012
Public Benefit Report of 2011

Advisory Board, founders

Miklós Havass
Computer scientist, he joined Számalk educational institution (the legal predecessor of the company) in 1972 and he has been working there ever since, recently as the president and one of the owners of the company group. He is a member and manager of numerous Hungarian and international scientific and social boards.

Advisory Board members:

Júlia Ránki – president of the Advisory Board

Broadcast journalist. She was a contributor of the Hungarian Radio between 1989 and 2011, earlier she worked for the Hungarian Television.

Flóra László

Sociologist, one of the founders of Uccu Foundation. Earlier she worked for RádióC and the Roma Press Center.

Csaba Báder

Political sociologist, president of RomNet-Media Foundation, co-founder and chief editor of, curator of a number of civil organizations.

Erzsébet Mohácsi

Educator, social pedagogist, romologist. She is one of the founders and present leader of the Chance for Children Foundation.

Norbert Káló

He earned a degree at Wesley János Pastoral Training College. Currently he is one of the leaders of the Bhim Raio Association.

Mircea Cernov – managing director, Haver Informal Jewish Educational Public Benefit Foundation.

Educational expert, trainer.

dr. Tibor Vámos

He earned a degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). He is one of the founders of SZTAKI and a professor at BME. He is considered to be a pioneer in the research of artificial intelligence.

László Fejős

He joined Uccu as a volunteer during his university years. In 2011 he graduated from the minority politics department of Eötvös Loránd University, in 2012 he also majored in International Public Policy at the Central European University. He worked as a research assistant in a CEU research focusing on social politics, later he joined the European Roma Rights Centre. Currently he lives in New York.

Active volunteers

Andrea Ignácz

“In the society we have a big gap between Roma and non-Roma. The best solution in order to change this situation is to think together and to cooperate. The volunteers can inspire the students for interaction and to build bridges within the society”

Ildi Csanya

“Ever since I was a little girl I consider it to kind of a mission to make the relationship between Roman and non-Roma people better and deeper. I always look for possibilities to work together with young Roma people on our future and Uccu Foundation provides a great opportunity for this.”

Csaba Csóka

“I joined Uccu because I believe it is important to reduce the gap between the young Roma and non-Roma people and Uccu is the best facilitator. I would like it if we could speak openly with each other and everybody could express his/her opinion. I would like if we knew more about each other as nowadays Roma and non-Roma people hardly communicate with each other.”

Andrea Duka

“During the activities I can also contribute to change the way people think, to realize that not everything is black and white. We should not believe everything we hear in the media, and we must think.”

Marietta Forgács

“Uccu provides an opportunity for me. It gives an opportunity to get to know the people around me and for others to get to know me. It is an opportunity for the Roma and non-Roma people to get closer to each other.”

Kissné Szénási Szilvia

“See the world with my eyes! – for me Uccu is an opportunity to talk about fears and prejudices.”

Rudolf Lakatos

“I joined the volunteer group of Uccu because I think Roma and non-Roma should find the common voice. Communication is the only way to break down prejudices and to make us better understand”

Joci Márton

“It makes me feel good if I see that what people think of the Roma is close to reality. Uccu raises questions that everybody has an opinion about, it encourages us to think together and I participate in it with pleasure.”

Róbert Orsós

“We, the Roma people are wanderers just like you. We left India 271 526 years ago, on a Wednesday evening around 7.30. By the way, the ice-age ended on the same day at 1.45 in the afternoon, thank God, otherwise a seal would be talking to you right now. Why have we left India? Well, I have to tell you this…”
(Márton Kovács – István Mohácsi – János Mohácsi: Only a pin – or prejudice in two noisy acts)

Attila Varga

“Uccu Foundation creates and breaks down things at the same time. It creates acceptance and breaks down prejudices. This is why I joined the Foundation.”

Renáta Farkas

“I joined the team of Uccu in order to take part in putting an end to prejudices, to stop social inequality and to help eliminating injustice.”

They helped our work in the past

Veronika Czutor

“I joined Uccu because I believe that the dialogue that helps us learn about each other is very important as it makes it easier to accept each other.”

József Rostás

“As a law student the university does not provide me enough practical knowledge and experience, therefore I have been looking for a civil organization that gives me the opportunity not only to see but also indirectly contemplate reality.”

Katalin Németh

“Identity is one of the most important things in my life.”

Szilvia Bogdán
László Fejős

“I joined Uccu hoping that through informal education at least one more high school student will look at the Roma as equal fellow humans.”

Ilona Nótár

“It was my dream to provide real help for the Roma and non-Roma people according to my best knowledge and it is a great feeling that renews and recharges not only me but all of us.”

Györgyi Lakatos

“The discussions help getting mutually acquainted with each other and accept the others.”

Renáta Vadász
Ildikó Török
Marianna Jónás


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